Assumptions for our 1 to 4 Family Residential Mortgage Rates

The rates listed on this site represent the lowest rates currently available. The APR is based on the points indicated that include either origination points and/or discount points, plus expected Application, appraisal, credit, processing fees etc. all of which will be itemized once the applicant applies by providing a completed 1003 application either online, by downloading an application emailing or faxing it back or by completing same over the phone with a loan officer, the credit report is obtained and the applicant receives an itemized Good Faith Truth In Lending offer at which time all anticipated costs are disclosed in detail.

These rates may be locked for a period of time of some 15 days. Longer rate lock periods are available that require increased points/fees. These rates assume primary owner occupancy first mortgage loan amount of $417,000 for a conforming single-family residence and assumes $417,000 for a jumbo single-family residence with at least 20% equity (down payment). The actual rate available to you will vary based on a number of factors. Please note that these rates are only available to qualified applicants who verify their income and assets and assume excellent credit. This is just a sample of the many mortgage options available at, that are currently only available in New York State.
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$417,000 for a one-family residence,
$533,850 for a two-family residence,
$645,300 for a three-family residence and
$801,950 for a four-family residence.