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Sample Of Typical Or Recent Mortgage Financing Deals

 Multi Family  Apartment Buildings Mixed Use Retail Shops
$72,000,000  $2,750,000 $8,500,000





Subdivisions Hospitals, Health Care & Senior Living Construction
$35,000,000 $22,000,000 $15,000,000




Office Buildings
Owner Occupied Businesses
and Lines of Credit
Hotels, Resorts & Gaming

$57,000,000 $315,000 $300,000,000




Mobile Home Rental Parks Machinery &Heavy Equipment Raw Land
$775,000   $37,000,000







Synagogues/Churches Special Purpose 

Non-Income Producing  Fixed Assets, land & natural resources







    Short Term, Bridge Financing. Fastest Quickest was Only 24 Hour Closing!

Direct Lender, Private Money
Reasonable, Moderate and/or Hard Money

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