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Option 1: talk directly with us

If you have questions and don't want to deal with computers or take the time to complete our online application, pick up the phone and talk directly with one of our financing expert. Call DoctorMortgage®™ Direct Lenders and mortgage financiers at 1-800-242-9888 or 1-212-255-4888, or send us an e-mail and we'll get right back to you.

Option 2: electronic application

5+/- pages, twenty +/- minutes

Start here now by completing this  e-application and receive an almost immediate no obligation bona fide offer from DoctorMortgage®™'s best possible rates and terms.

(If you don't have all the information with you now, write down your personal  DoctorMortgage- ID now which we will assign you automatically, or enter your own unique ID and continue to complete as much as possible, continuing to the final page of the application, and return another time to the UPDATE section below)  

Returning To Update Your Application? Here's The Place: If you already have an ID,
type your last name here
and your ID here and then click here to login

Option 3: additional forms

Are you ready to close as soon as possible at DoctorMortgage®™'s best possible rate and terms? Do you want to save on your processing costs?

Complete our e-application from option 2 above, plus fill out  all of the following applicable additional forms, fax them back (1-212-255-5277) completed. Alternatively, mail them to us (, 5770 Palisade Avenue Riverdale, New York 10471) or email to us ( as an attachment.  

The .doc and .xls forms can be completed right at your screen, but you must save your work to your local computer, then print it out and fax it to us. The.pdf files may be only viewed & and printed out with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Our Tools: estimation of payments & amounts

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