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Our References:

  • Direct Private Lender Andrew Lichtenstein, Inc. has made me loans on my properties, and I have benefited from mortgage financing procured by them repeatedly over the years with transactions totaling $10,000,000+/- on properties containing 1,000+/- multifamily apartment units.

    I recommend their service because I rely on them to take care of everything, get me the maximum amount, lowest rate, and make sure I close. When I sell a building, I send my buyers to!

    Steve S.
    Real Estate Principal

  • I recently engaged the services of Doctor Mortgage for help in securing a construction loan for a Manhattan condo project. There is no question that Doctor Mortgage used their lender contacts to my advantage in securing a sizeable loan at what I consider a very low interest rate, 100-150 bps below the rate I expected to receive. I highly recommend their services and found by the end of the process that their fee is well-justified given the expertise and care with which they handled even my smaller loan in the low seven figure range. I will return to Doctor Mortgage without hesitation for help with financing my next real estate project.

    Matthew Crosby

  • DoctorMortgage was extremely useful in securing an underlying mortgage last year for our eight unit co-op in midtown Manhattan. The terms were more than competitive and I would recommend his services

    Bill Setzler
    Coop Board President

  • AM PM Management has had the pleasure of knowing and working with Andrew Lichtenstein for more than five years. Our real estate investment and property management business has grown as a result.

    We have personally borrowed from Andrew Lichtenstein, Inc. having done business with him on multiple occasions, and highly recommend his willingness to "go the extra mile" to ensure that his client's needs are met. His hands-on style ensures that the deal gets done.

    We can say without reservation that Mr. Lichtenstein's creative and responsive approach to real estate financing allows the investor to breathe easy, knowing that he will find a solution, when other lenders can not, or will not.

    Very truly yours,
    Allen J. Morton, Jr.
    Patsy J. Morton

  • I have known and worked with Andrew Lichtenstein, principal of Andrew Lichtenstein, Inc., Lichtenstein Capital Markets and for around 10 years. I have personally facilitated business owner-occupied mortgage loans, lines of credit and commercial mortgages for clients he represented.

    The advantage to working with Andrew Lichtenstein has been that he has pre-qualified his applicants to the strict standards that I require for debt service coverage, loan to value, credit, character and condition of the underlying collateral and their principal owners. As he has become familiar with my requirements, he has saved me as well as his clients much time in receiving the fastest possible approval, as he knows what to submit to close a mortgage fast.

    Because we consider each other friends, this can only help his clients, as I know I can rely upon his representations, before beginning my own rigorous underwriting analysis. As I have moved on to stronger capital lending markets, I continue to look forward to Andrew's applications representing his clients to the very highest, honest, & reliable standards. I can say that whoever is represented by Andrew Lichtenstein, is in the very best of hands.

    Stephen C. Lipset
    Former VP, Chief Lending Officer
    Reliance Bank

  • Thank you for delivering what I asked for, and exactly what you promised. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical in the beginning, but once I got to know you, I realized I was dealing with a serious and knowledgeable individual.

    I asked for three things and you can through on all of them.
    1) Maximum financing and you came through with 80%.
    2) I asked for a competitive interest rate and you came up with 7.35% (should be lowered at closing).
    3) Fast approval, you came through in 45 days.

    Thank you, Andy. It's been a pleasure working with you, and I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

    George Rakitzis
    Silver Spoon Renting Corp.
    Loan Amount: $2,210,000